10th Anniversary Carrboro Film Festival

| November 4, 2015


The 10th Anniversary Carrboro Film Festival is November 21-22, 2015, and you don’t want to miss it! Where else can you see 31 great films in two days for $20?

The 10th Annual Carrboro Film Festival (CFF) has an amazing lineup of films and special guests this year! It has grown to become the premiere festival in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Featuring world-class films of every length and genre, the CFF is known for packed houses and standing ovations. This year’s theme is “Celebrating North Carolina Film Makers,” featuring celebrities from the North Carolina film industry.

The 10th Annual Carrboro Film Festival runs from Saturday, November 21, 2015 from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm and Sunday, November 22, 2015 from 12:45 pm – 7:30 pm at the ArtsCenter, 300-G East Main Street, Carrboro, North Carolina. Tickets are $15.00 for a one-day pass (Saturday or Sunday), and just $20.00 for a weekend pass. Kids 12 and under are FREE all weekend long, and do not require a ticket for entry. Click here to purchase tickets online. Tickets will also be available at the ArtsCenter Box Office. Seating is limited, I suggest buying them in advance.

In honor of their 10th Anniversary, they have planned the most exciting Carrboro Film Festival yet! In one weekend, you can see 31 movies, learn from the best by attending three workshops with professional filmmakers, enjoy parties, make important networking connections, attend the Awards Ceremony with original trophies created by Carrboro sculptor Mike Roig, and meet these two very Special Guests:

MichaelMillerFilm Editor Michael R. Miller will be a Special Guest on Saturday night, November 21, 2015. This amazing film editor is famous for his work on “Ghost World,” “Miller’s Crossing,” “Raising Arizona,” and Manhattan.” Michael R. Miller has had a dream career in film editing. After graduating from Cornell University, he landed the plum job of assistant editor on Woody Allen’s Manhattan.” He worked in the same capacity on Mr. Allen’s Stardust Memories and on Martin Scorcese’s Raging Bull.” Subsequently Mr. Miller became a sound editor on Joel and Ethan Coen’s Blood Simple, and went on to collaborate with “the boys” as picture editor of Raising Arizona and Miller’s Crossing. His many other cutting credits include Terry Zwygoff’s Ghost World, Herbert Ross’ Boys on the Side, Thomas Carter’s Swing Kids, Rocky Morton and Annablel Jankel’s D.O.A., Keenan Wayans’ I’m Gonna Git U, Sucka, Paul Dinello’s Strangers With Candy,Michael Bay’s Armageddon,” Rupert Wainwright’s Stigmata and Anthony Hopkins’ Slipstream. He also edited Maya Forbes’ Infinitely Polar Bear, which premiered at Sundance 2014, and will be released later this year by Sony Classics Pictures. Mr. Miller has also directed numerous music videos. He currently enjoys teaching at the Filmmaking Department at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

As part of this two-day celebration of film, Mr. Miller will be speaking candidly about his wildly successful career in film editing, as well as screening some of his favorite film editing work. This is an amazing opportunity to meet a true master film editor, and get a rare behind-the-scenes look of some of these films, in a small, intimate setting at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro, NC.

PatrickReadJohnsonCROPDirector/Screenwriter Patrick Read Johnson will be a Special Guest on Saturday afternoon, November 21, 2015. As part of the 10th Anniversary Carrboro Film Festival Celebration, Mr. Johnson will be screening the current cut-in-progress of “5-25-77” (Starring John Francis Daley, Neil Flynn, Colleen Camp, and Austin Pendleton) as a research screening, in preparation for the film’s theatrical release on a “significant date” in 2016. This is an extremely rare opportunity to see this much-anticipated film before it hits theaters! A sure-to-be entertaining and enlightening Q&A with Mr. Johnson will follow the presentation.

Patrick Read Johnson was born on May 7, 1962, and, again, on May 7, 1968, while watching Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Subsequent events, dramatized in his upcoming film, “5-25-77,” propelled the teen from Wadsworth, Illinois to Hollywood, at the moment an as yet unheard of film called “Star Wars” was in post-production. His early viewing of Lucas’ epic, and a chance meeting with Steven Spielberg, on the set “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” convinced Johnson it was time to move. A year later, he sold his first screenplay to 20th Century Fox and lived the dual life of Screenwriter/VFX artist, until 1988, when he co-wrote and directed the independent sci-fi comedy, “Martians!!!” Upon seeing it, Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy convinced Touchstone Pictures to release the work, which it did, in 1990 as “Spaced Invaders.” Budgeted at 1.75 million, the film grossed over 16 million, domestically, with a hugely successful video and cable run thereafter.

Johnson has since developed over 30 feature projects for various companies, including Universal, Warner Bros, Sony, and The Jim Henson Company, and has directed a number of feature and television projects, including: “Baby’s Day Out,” “Angus,” and “When Good Ghouls Go Bad. He also teaches at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts School of Filmmaking, and served as a Senior Thesis Mentor for the American Film Institute.

Feel free to come and go as you please, seeing just a few films or all thirty-one if you have a weekend pass. This is no longer a short-film festival, so movie durations vary from short to full-length feature films. At 7:30 pm on Sunday evening, the awards ceremony begins, featuring awards designed by local sculptor Mike Roig. Then there is an after party in the ArtsCenter lobby, and everyone is invited!

This year’s festival includes all themes — drama, comedy, romance and horror. They have all been scrupulously selected by the wonderful and talented Carrboro Film Festival Committee. The films selected this year are some of the best ones yet, and I personally guarantee there is something for everyone in this year’s line-up. Besides being an entertaining way to spend an autumn weekend, it just might inspire you to make a film of your own to submit to the festival next year! It’s going to be a truly memorable weekend of film and fun!

Saturday – 10:00 am – 9:00 pm | Sunday – 12:45 pm – 7:30 pm

✦ Saturday, November 21st

FREE Workshops!

10:00am – 10:30am – DCP 101: Learn the ins and outs of Digital Cinema Packages – the new standard for showing films in festivals and theaters worldwide DCP 101 is essential for indie filmmakers – directors, producers, editors and DP’s will learn that a successful DCP starts in pre-production. Learn the mistakes to avoid in pre, production and post so that your film looks and sounds like a studio blockbuster on the big screen.

Presenter – Stephen van Vuuren
Stephen van Vuuren is an award-winning filmmaker, musician, photographer and ubergeek. He grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and Knoxville, Tennessee. His father purchased him a manual 35mm camera when he as 12 and his love of image-making began. He’s directed, produced and/or shot over twenty feature and short narrative, documentary, experimental and animation films that have screened at numerous festivals and in cyberspace. Stephen founded SV2 Studios in 2000 which focus in indie film production and post-production, including digital cinema mastering.

10:30am – 11:00am – Navigating the film festival world and making the most out of your experience.
Movie director Rob Underhill discusses life after a film’s completion as a filmmaker enters into and navigates through the film festival circuit. He draws from a wealth of personal experience having had films in competition at over 200 film festivals worldwide including academy qualifying film festivals like Seattle and St.Louis. He shares his experience targeting film festivals, how to submit a film for consideration with best chances of selection, choosing when and where to attend a film festival, having and executing a successful plan of attack from your film’s world premiere at a top film festival to making a run of the secondary and “boutique” festivals. Also discussed are using media coverage, social media, and PR in tandem with exposure from film festivals, and the less sexy but all-too-vital world of preparing the right materials for submissions.

Presenter – Rob Underhill
ROB UNDERHILL is a film and TV director, producer, and writer. His films have been in competition at over 200 film festivals worldwide, including the academy qualifying ST. LOUIS and SEATTLE International Film Festivals, have received over 90 awards including for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay. Recent movie trailers at http://youtu.be/t8Wt4dHBhXU

11:00am – 11:45am – The Ins and Outs of Indie Filmmaking.
Indie filmmaking has become much easier in recent years due to the availability of consumer level digital cameras and even phones with full HD recording capabilities. So while it’s easier than ever to make a film, it’s also easier to fall into all the traps of rushing out and making a film without proper planning or experience. Michael Howard just finished shooting his recent feature film Where We’re Meant To Be for $25,000 and will walk you through a lot of the details to help give a better understanding of the indie filmmaking process. Also joining him will be Chris Medico, the cinematographer and colorist for the film, and they will spend time focusing on the principal photography aspect and looking ahead to your editing in 4K. If you want to make a film, improve your filmmaking knowledge, or just hear some interesting details about indie filmmaking in general, definitely check it out.

Presenters – Michael Howard (with special guest Chris Medico)
Michael Howard is an award-winning actor and filmmaker and runs the indie film company Invisible Productions. His films have played worldwide and he is currently finishing his feature film “Where We’re Meant To Be.” And he likes cereal. A lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuEilj4_9Tw

Film Block – 12:45pm – 3:00pm

• Oh Crappy Day, Jon Bacon, dagtype@aol.com NC – 15 min.
• The Last Barn Dance, Jason Arthurs, merelyjason@gmail.com NC – 32 min.
• Brewconomy – A documentary about NC Craft Beer, Camden Watts, camwatts@gmail.com NC – 55 min.

** Q&A with Block Filmmakers in attendance **

Special Invited Guests!

3:15pm – 6:30pm – Special guest, Filmmaker Patrick Read Johnson
Screening of “That Star Wars Film” – 5-25-77
Conversation and Q&A with Johnson after the film
As part of the 10th Anniversary Carrboro Film Festival Celebration, Mr. Johnson will be screening the current cut-in-progress of 5-25-77 (Starring John Francis Daley, Neil Flynn, Colleen Camp, and Austin Pendleton) as a research screening, in preparation for the film’s theatrical release on a “significant date” in 2016. This is a truly, once-in-a-lifetime chance to be able to say, “I saw the first full screening of 5-25-77 and the director was there!” http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=5-25-77+trailer&FORM=VIRE1#view=detail&mid=9951739ACBA4293762AD9951739ACBA4293762AD

7:30pm – 9pm Special Guest, Editor Michael R. Miller
As part of this two-day celebration of film, Mr. Miller (Raging Bull, Raising Arizona, Miller’s Crossing, Ghost World, Manhattan) will be speaking candidly about his wildly successful career in film editing, as well as screening some of his favorite film editing work. This is an amazing opportunity to meet a true master film editor in a small, intimate setting.

✦ Sunday, November 22nd

Film Block #1 – 12:45pm – 3:00pm

• Cake, Josh Dasal, jdasal@gmail.com NC – 8 min.
• Recyclery, Rich Giorgi, rgiorgi21@yahoo.com NC – 14 min.
• Son in the Barbershop, Nathan Douglas,  nwdouglas@gmail.com – 7 min.
• How I Got Made , Tracy Facelli, fruitncheese@yahoo.com – 25 min.
• Along the Stormfront, Griffin Giersch, giersch.gh@artist.uncsa.edu NC – 7 min.
• The Red Thunder, Alvaro Ron, alvaro.z.ron@gmail.com – 6 min.
• Keepsake , Meredith Sause, merrybellepark@gmail.com NC – 17 min.
• A Polished Soul: The Mike Rae Anderson Story, Adam Booher, adamlbooher@gmail.com NC – 15 min.

** Q&A with Block #1 Filmmakers in attendance **

Film Block #2 – 3:15pm – 5:15pm

• SugarSugarSugar, Kristin Pearson, kristin.m.bonelli@gmail.com NC – 3 min.
• A Letter To My Son, Maurice Hicks, rnrfilmcrew@gmail.com – 10 min.
• The Hook, Nick Flugge, nflugge@gmail.com – 10 min.
• Pallbearers, Chaz Fulk, chazreed88@gmail.com NC – 23 min.
• A Splendid Affair, Laurent Ardoint, laurent.mugs@noos.fr – 9 min.
• Skin, Alicia Gonzalez, alicia.gonzalez@imagenation.ae – 7 min.
• Familiar, Joel Benjamin, internet@electricbeard.com – 3 min.
• Off Set , Nathan Rittenhouse, nathan@rittenhousecd.com NC – 6 min.
• A Short Trip, Eri Yokoyama, contact@eriyokoyama.com NC – 12 min.
• Shotgun, Maverick Moore, mav903films@gmail.com – 12 min.
• Birthday, Chris King, chris@watermarkfilms.net – 13 min.

** Q&A with Block #2 Filmmakers in attendance **

Film Block #3 – 5:30pm – 7:30pm

• Animal Landscape, Shelley Dodson, sld.registers@gmail.com – 4 min.
• Ferguson: A Report from Occupied Territory, Adam Booher, adamlbooher@gmail.com NC – 5 min.
• Just a Body, Harry Rossi NC – 1p min.
• Poop on Poverty, Vijay S. Jodha, vijayjodha@gmail.com – 6 min.
• Danny Freud , Madeliene Rae Painter  NC – 12 min.
• American Sock, Jason Allen, allen.jason.k@gmail.com NC – 7 min.
• Knob Goblins, Christopher Moore, ilikefilms@gmail.com NC – 8 min.
• Autumn Lovers, Jason Allen, allen.jason.k@gmail.com – 5 min.
• I Scream Your Name, Oskar Rosetti, adrien.lafranchi@gmail.com – 26 min.

** Q&A with Block #3 Filmmakers in attendance **

Award Presentation – After the Filmmakers Q&A

SPECIAL – Festival Wrap Party in the Artscenter Lobby immediately following the award presentations.

Download the schedule as a pdf

For more information about the 10th Anniversary Carrboro Film Festival, visit: http://carrborofilmfestival.com

To purchase tickets online, visit: http://www.etix.com/ticket/e/1002603&partner_id=240

For more information about the Carrboro Film Festival and its creators, click here to read the Chapel Hill Recorder article: “The Carrboro Film Festival”

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