Best-Priced Gasoline

| March 15, 2012

The price of gasoline is high and budgets are tight. The Chapel Hill Recorder is here to help you save money at the pump by finding the best-priced gasoline in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area every day.

These days, every penny saved counts, and many of us are indeed counting our pennies. I often tell people I am not on a fixed income, but rather a fixin’ income, meaning I am fixin’ to call Duke Energy to get an extension on my electric bill. Since we live in a car-dependent culture and gas prices do not seem to be getting any cheaper anytime soon, one way to save money is at the fuel pump. But with gasoline prices fluctuating daily, it is difficult to know where to go for the best priced gas. The Chapel Hill Recorder is here to help! Click on this page every day before driving off, for a list of the current top ten lowest-priced gas stations in town.

Lowest Regular Gas Prices in Chapel Hill & Carrboro, NC

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