Old Greensboro Road

| February 23, 2012

My all-time favorite country drive actually starts within the town limits of Carrboro, NC. Right after crossing over University Lake on Jones Ferry Road, take a right onto Old Greensboro Road, and enjoy the immediate rural landscape.

Emma & Lucille

This is an easy drive to learn because you simply drive straight, and the only turn is when you are ready to turn around and come back into town. There is no chance of getting lost, even for the sense-of-direction impaired, so using a GPS is not even necessary. However, as soon as you turn onto Old Greensboro Road (some locals refer to this road as Old Greensboro Highway), I often take the first left on Sturbridge Lane. It’s a slight detour, but the best part about this drive is all the farm animals to be found. There are two lop-eared, Red Boer goats who often are grazing in the field right on the corner of Sturbridge and Old Greensboro that I like to visit, especially when my toddler daughter is in the car with me. I have named them Emma and Lucille, and they are adorable.

Once you have had enough quality goat-time, continue down Old Greensboro Road. The tree-lined road curves around and takes you down into the valley, over a small bridge at the very bottom, and right back up again with a steep climb. At the top of this hill, the sky suddenly grows bigger, as the land opens up into farmland and fields of green and gold. Even though I have driven this route countless times, I continue to be amazed by the beauty of this scenery.

Valley View Farm


The Valley View Farm will soon be on your left, and it has a spectacular view. Owners John and Betty Sue Yow are well accustomed to cars pulling off the road here to photograph this 100-acre cattle farm that has been in their family for over 230 years. “We get a lot of people taking pictures of our land,” John told me proudly. They also get many offers from prospective buyers who would love to wake up every morning with a view like this one, but they have no intention to sell it anytime soon.

Mount View Farm Cows

Right across the street from Valley View Farm lies Mount View Farm. They usually keep their cows in the pasture right by the road, which affords close-up views of these gentle creatures. Often, there are very young calves being cuddled and groomed by their mothers, which makes for another great photo opportunity. Other notable farms on route include Neville Farm, Buttercup Farm and Holly Creek Farm.

Simply driving this road is a joy, as it winds gently along meadows with views of breathtaking countryside in the distance. But if you feel like adding in some stops along the way, there are two places right off the road worth a visit.


As you continue down Old Greensboro Road, you will see a sign on the right for Hill Country Woodworks. Even if you are not currently in the market for a new sofa or table, I recommend stopping by this showroom to see some of Mark Todd and Will Bucher’s beautifully handcrafted modern furniture. For the last forty years, these expert craftsmen have created custom furniture to meet any need and suit any style. If you have a specific vision for a furnishing you wish to add to your home, they can make it. If you are not exactly sure which design you want, they will help you determine what will work in the space, as well as what will match your existing decor. Their pieces are unique and their woodworking is exceptional.


Around 7.5 miles from the beginning of Old Greensboro Road, if you look carefully on the right side, you will see a sign that reads Niche Gardens, with an arrow pointing to the left down Dawson Road. Established in 1986, this is another fun place to visit, especially if you love gardening. They specialize in native plants and have a huge nursery where they grow their own pesticide-free wildflowers, perennials, ornamental grasses, and some rare trees and shrubs. They also sell numerous pieces of garden art, fountains, and birdhouses that are handcrafted by local artists. Every Saturday, from March – October, they offer free, guided tours through their gorgeous gardens, and their knowledgeable staff is available to answer questions about plants, planting and landscaping. Feel free to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy their beautiful surroundings!


Continue on Old Greensboro Road to Crawford Dairy Road, which is at the 8.4 mile mark. This is where I usually turn around and head back to town, which takes about 15 minutes from here. However if you have the time, I suggest either continuing past Crawford Dairy Road, which will lead you on a scenic route all the way to Snow Camp, or exploring the many country roads that branch off of Old Greensboro Road. This entire area is spectacularly picturesque, and it is well worth taking the time to discover amazing views on these less-traveled roads.

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